Invisalign Clear Braces—the Adult Orthodontic Treatment in Clinton

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Invisalign Clear Braces—the Adult Orthodontic Treatment in Clinton

pretty-young-woman-inserting-clear-alignerAlthough most of the benefits of straightening crooked teeth are immediately apparent, many older teen and adult patients struggle with the decision to wear metal braces, especially if confidence is an important part of their personal and professional lives. Unfortunately, your decision to straighten your teeth shouldn’t rely on your immediate cosmetic concerns. In fact, not straightening your teeth shouldn’t even be an option, considering the fact that “straight” is often a prerequisite to “healthy” when it comes to your teeth. Your Clinton dentist, Dr. Christopher Clark, understands this conundrum, and offers Invisalign clear braces for patients who wish to straighten their smiles without any fuss and attention.

Revolutionizing the Science of Straighter Teeth

Traditional metal braces are designed to reorient your smile by applying pressure through metal wires and brackets connected to your teeth. Though highly effective, the metal apparatus is not designed for subtlety, and while they may be adorable on younger children, braces can diminish your professional confidence as an adult as well as complicate normal daily routines, like eating and brushing your teeth. By contrast, Invisalign clear braces take a different approach to applying the gentle pressure necessary to order levitra

Using a series of clear acrylic aligners instead of brackets and wires, clear braces are designed to move your teeth along a doctor-prescribed path of movement, each successive aligner guiding your teeth closer to their goals. Rather than dental visits to tighten your braces’ wires, your treatment’s progression simply involves changing your aligners for the next in the series (though regular maintenance is still a vital part of good oral hygiene). For ultimate comfort and convenience, the clear acrylic of your Invisalign aligners makes them virtually undetectable, and  their removability allows you to continue eating and brushing your teeth as usual.

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