Whiten Your Teeth Without Sensitivity at Your Clinton Dentist’s Office

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Whiten Your Teeth Without Sensitivity at Your Clinton Dentist’s Office

pretty-bright-smileThe desire for a brighter smile is common, and while many teeth-whitening systems offer amazing, near-immediate results, many of these instant teeth-whiteners utilize harsh bleaching lights that can leave your teeth as sensitive as they are bright. With equal dedication to you as a patient as well as the health and beauty of your smile, your Clinton dentist, Dr. Christopher Clark, offers at-home teeth-whitening kits that offer amazing results at a more comfortable pace, without affecting your smile’s comfort.

A Brighter Smile from the Comfort of Your Home

The first step to crafting your at-home teeth-whitening kit is for Dr. Clark to create custom-fitted mouth trays, which hold the prescription-strength gel against your teeth and prevents your saliva from diluting it. Some patients notice a change in their smiles the morning after their first treatment (which consists of wearing your trays and gel for an hour or two at night), and after only 14 nights, your smile can shine up to eight or ten shades brighter than before. The trays are yours to keep, and if you wish to touchup your smile in the future, Dr. Clark can replenish your supply of whitening gel and you can repeat the treatment.

Prolong Your Smile’s Brightness

While at-home teeth-whitening is highly effective and unobtrusive to your schedule, you can help prolong the need for a touchup by taking a few steps to make it harder for stains to adhere to your teeth. Smoking and/or chewing tobacco are guaranteed to destroy your smile’s health and beauty, and ceasing the habit is a good idea for much more than stain prevention. Ensuring good dental hygiene, such as brushing and flossing at least twice every day, and limiting the amount of times you snack throughout the day can inhibit your food’s ability to stain your teeth. A routine dental checkup and cleaning will allow Dr. Clark to remove minor surface stains, as well as dangerous bacterial plaque and tartar, before they become more stubborn nuisances.

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